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Learn about the Janka Hardness Scale, info shared by Expressive Flooring in Peachtree City, GA

The Janka hardness scale lists every species used for hardwood flooring and designates a rating based on how hard and durable said species is against denting and scratching.  This rating will also indicate how difficult the species is to install; nailing, drilling and sawing.  The harder the species of hardwood is the higher the difficulty there is to nail down, drill holes, or make cuts. This rating allows the consumer to pick a species that is good for their household and lifestyle; if you have a relatively quiet household and no pets then having any species of hardwood would be good and finding one that is aesthetically pleasing would be the main focus. If your home is really busy, with lots of kids and animals constantly around, running, playing, and spilling drinks then a harder more durable species of hardwood would be a better choice for your lifestyle and household. 

The Janka Hardness test is conducted by measuring the amount of force necessary to sink a .444 inch steel ball inside of the wood up to half of its diameter to determine its Janka rating.  There is an acceptable variance of 20%, meaning that the wood can be harder or softer up to 20%.  With advances in technology, the quality of hardwood flooring has risen exponentially. Species of hardwood that in the past that were considered soft and easily dented now have risen nearly 200 Janka Points giving the consumer less concerns about denting and scratching.  This is possible by the number of protective finishes the hardwood receives from the manufacturer, with up to 10 coats of aluminum oxide and UV treatment giving the hardwood increased durability. The Janka hardness scale is located for your convenience below. If you have any further questions about the Janka Scale, please call us today and speak to a trained flooring specialist; we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have.

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