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Frequently asked questions about LVT flooring are answered by Expressive Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

LVT doesn’t dent or tear like sheet vinyl, it also will not fade or yellow over time like sheet vinyl. These traits make LVT a more durable and stronger flooring option than sheet vinyl.   

Absolutely! Laminate is a durable and scratch-resistant option but is not water-resistant, giving a big advantage to LVT. LVT has all the benefits of laminate with the added benefit of being water proof making it a better flooring option to laminate. LVT looks great too, coming in vinyl planks that resemble hardwood flooring and has a tile option as well to mimic even the best tile looks. 

I don’t think that it is better or worse. The difference between the two is that wood is an organic material making it vulnerable to scratching and water.  Hardwood flooring has a natural beauty unmatched by any flooring. Whereas LVT is a man-made material produced specifically to be extremely durable, water-proof, and scratch-resistant. LVT is made to mimic the beauty of hardwood flooring but to the trained eye is noticeably different. Both have their advantages and disadvantages you just have to decide what is important to you and what fits your household. 

Yes. LVT is more durable, warmer, and doesn’t chip like ceramic tile when something is dropped on the floor. It also has the added advantage of easier installation than ceramic tile without all the upkeep that ceramic tile brings.

Super easy to clean, you can clean easily knowing that you can mop and clean it in any traditional way. Just read the manufacturer’s instructions on what cleaning products can be used.

Yes. You could completely submerge LVT in water and let it soak for any period of time and would not swell or cup. LVT is completely waterproof.

Yes. That is a huge benefit to LVT to other flooring options. You can have the same flooring throughout your entire home including the bathroom because LVT is waterproof. This means all that water, steam, and moisture that occur on a regular basis will not affect the LVT. 

Yes. LVT can be installed anywhere in your home. That includes the concrete subfloor in the basement; LVT is preferred by many in basements for the simple reason that it is waterproof. 

Absolutely, LVT is the best flooring option for indoor pet owners if your beloved pet has an accident, tracks in mud, or drags something unidentifiable into your home, don’t fret. Your flooring will hold up to the challenge. Simply put, the combination of its durability, scratch resistance, and waterproof characteristics makes it the ideal flooring choice for pet lovers.

LVT does have a commercial-grade product approved for use in any commercial building. LVT is perfect for high-traffic areas and holds up extremely well to the everyday wear and tear that commercial buildings face.

LVT has two types of installation methods; one is floating, where there is no adhesive, nails, or staples used and simply held together with a locking system, and the other is glue down, where an adhesive is used to directly attach the flooring to the sub-floor.

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